Non Supported Panel Filter

Although we always recommend the use of a Wirecor Washable Panel Filter we do however manufacture Non Supported Panel Filters for non critical applications. The media is made from non woven needle punched synthetic fibres. Our media supplier is ISO 9001, 2001 as well as UKAS accredited.

The pleated media pack is bonded by urethane to the internal periphery of a galvanised channel manufactured from 0.6mm roll formed steel ensuring rigidity and no air bypass.

The Non Supported Panel Filters are designed for general use in ventilation and air conditioning systems in hospitals, office blocks, hotels, factories, AHU's or areas where there is a high dust content. They also function as a pre-filter to secondary and tertiary filters.

Special sizes are available on request.

Technical Data

Type: Non Supported
Rated Face Velocity: 2,5 m/s
Arrestance: 90%
Efficiency @ 5 Micron: 92%
Intial Pressure Drop: 60 Pa
Dust Holding Capacity: 85g
Pleats Per Meter: 41

Rated Airflow

Standard Sizes (mm) Airflow at 2.5m/s in m3/h
295 x 295 x 50 850
295 x 595 x 50 1700
395 x 495 x 50 1870
395 x 625 x 50 2380
495 x 495 x 50 2380
495 x 595 x 50 2850
495 x 625 x 50 2975
595 x 595 x 50 3400