Grease Eliminator Wire Mesh Filter

Wire Mesh Grease Filters are generally installed in the kitchen canopy above cooking ranges, fryers and gas hobs in commercial restaurant kitchens. These air filters effectively eliminate or greatly reduce grease build up in duct work and on fans in the kitchen extract systems.

They reduce the frequency of expensive duct cleaning and offer some protection against fire hazzards.


The filtration media is pleated galvanised/stainless knitted wire mesh, which is enclosed in either a stainless steel or galvanised steel frame. Drain holes provide and outlet for grease to drain away from the filter into a tray or grease trap.

How to clean your Filter

Filters must be cleaned regulary using suggested detergent solution. A non corrosive detergent must be used to avoid damage to your filters.

A similar product to washing up liquid may be sufficient for the removal of light grease deposits, for heavier deposits of grease a stronger detergent is required.

Never use any form of caustic solution to soak or clean the filters.