Grease Eliminator Baffle Filter

The Filtaman Baffle Filters are made from 0,6mm stainless steel. Thier basic function is to remove oil/grease particles from the air produced by the cooking process and guide the oil onto a smooth surface to the drain pan and keep a clean duct system, reducing the fire hazzard and minimising the overall maintenance of the system

Baffle filters are efficient as they work by changing the direction and velocity of the air. This sepperates the grease from the air stream with the depsoited grease running off into grease collection troughs.

Baffle filters are suitable for general cooking with moderate grease load applications and are installed in the kitchen canopy abouve the cooking ranges, fryers and gas hobs in commercial and resturant kitchens.

How to clean your Filter

Filters must be cleaned regulary using suggested detergent solution. A non corrosive detergent must be used to avoid damage to your filters.

A similar product to washing up liquid may be sufficient for the removal of light grease deposits, for heavier deposits of grease a stronger detergent is required.

Never use any form of caustic solution to soak or clean the filters.