GC Panel Filter

The GC - Frame and pad system is an alternative to pleated panel filters for use in general heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems where protection is required from larger particle contamination.

Suitable as a pre-filter for protecting a higher cost secondary filter, this system offers cheaper long-term maintenance costs since the metal frame is retained and only the media pad is discared when dirty.

The pad frame system offers the additional advantages that the system can be upgraded by the use of different media replacement pads, can be stored in considerably less space than complete pleated panels while also reducing the carriage costs.

Designed to combine high air flow rates with low initial pressure drops.

Constructed out of 0,6mm galvanised channels either 25mm or 50mm deep with 2 grooves roll formed to improve rigidity.

Gavanised wiremesh backing grid and diagonally placed media retainer wires.

Can also be manufacuted in stainless steel.

Replacement Pads

Various types of pads can be used in these frames as detailed below:

  • Glass Fibre Media
  • Synthetic Media
  • Washable Polyfoam Media